Welcome to BUX

Your money game?

You're playing with your natural abilities to earn real money. (What else?)

It's you against the forces of supply and demand– competing for resources to create value. Spot the best deals. Beat others to the punch. Risk your money. Bluff others into making mistakes. Trade your junk for others unprotected valuables. Move on opportunities even when it's not your turn. You're trying to control the action, hoping for luck and makin'  money– all before the surprising crash.

It's poker-rummy-chess-economics and your ability to earn more money. It's your money game building value from resources. The better you play, the more you make– and the more you make, the higher your ER– your Economic Ranking.

Play BUX! Put your money game on the table. Let's see your economic stuff.

(Current official record: 11, 690-- >58 times the starting amount in about an hour.)
like no other game you’ve ever played.
for 3 to 5 players, ages 12 to adult
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