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A Missing Conversation

That conversation about doing well in the material world can be a difficult one to have. Whether a parent, relative or just one who is concerned and wants to help. Or you may be a young person curious about your material future. You may not have the words or vocabulary or an explainable position or the time has never been right or... Whatever it is, you have never gotten around to talking about it, yet you think about it more often than you care to. It seems we all know someone who needs a little assurance.

The question is how do you have that conversation without forcing the issue which of course kills it dead before it even starts.

Our self-serving answer is to challenge that person or persons to a competitive game of BUX. (You'll need two other players for an ideal 4-player game.) All you have to do is just play for fun and resulting PEI (Personal Earning Index). It will be more helpful if you win some games. For resistant opponents, a PEI inducement may be necessary.

As you play you will see light bulbs going on and patterns emerging. The higher the competitive level, the more and faster progress. The decision-making process of the game will automatically start the conversation and trigger internal conversations as well which may be more important than its external counterparts.

As play continues and PEIs start getting into the twenties and above, a balance of emotional fluctuations and economic value production should somewhat stabilize. Once connections are made between the game's components, chips-money and cards-resources and players abilities to manipulate them, and players feelings and material benefits, the conversation has begun. Then when further connections are made between the creation and development of value from resources, the conversation is in full swing– externally and internally.

The core of this conversation about constructive personal production especially doing what one likes and value development will be the focus of our entertainment in future blogs. There are so many ways to do things. 

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