BUX, your moneygame

BUX, your moneygame?

BUX is a table game that simulates ones' performance with money and resources in an economic environment.

The game sets up a fair, level, free-market exchange of money and resources based on supply-demand economic principles. A cousin to gambling (without gambling) and played with cards and chips, it pits players against each other competing to spot and take advantage of randomly occurring opportunities. (Despite its looks its thinking process is the same.)

The way one handles money and resources, reads others and their intentions, assesses risk and value, creates and develops and sells value and related actions, is called one's moneygame. Each person has their own style of performing in the material world and the term, moneygame, is meant to describe that effort.

So, it's your moneygame against my moneygame against all the other moneygames in the world. What does your moneygame look like? How effective are you with it? And exactly how does it stack up against others' moneygames? These answers await you.

Experience your moneygame. If you're not thrilled, improve it.

[Note: We are well aware that the real-world, so-called free-market is anything but. Its rules are devised by those who stand to gain from it. But knowing how it should work is a good starting place.]

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