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A turn is an opportunity

Games are about making decisions to overcome challenges to achieve an objective.

You've played many games, right? You may like some and not others. You may like only real-life games. Some lucky people think of their jobs as a game. They play everyday and try to get better and better. Maybe a used car salesperson (to see how many vehicles can be sold in a week) or a teacher (to get the class average up) or a surgeon (to see how perfect a job can be done or a taxi driver (to see how much money can be made in a day).

In multiplayer games, players get turns to make moves. This is an opportunity to do their best to make the most progress toward their objective. In simpler games, options are limited to maybe one, two or three different specific moves. In more complex (e.g., simulation) games players can choose from as many as 30 or more variations on moves. BUX is one of these games. Like life, there are no simple, black-white moves. As a player, you are constantly evaluating opportunity options and opportunity costs to maximize your effect on the game and other players.

The thought of passing your turn in this game is unthinkable since every turn is an opportunity to make progress, hold at least one player back, affect the pace or price or ideally, have multiple effects.

That brings us to life as a game. Making decisions is one thing. But making decisions to do what? How can one make the best decisions without purpose– without knowing the objective, the reason why you are playing in the first place? This objective in the game is what we call vision in your life– where you are going, what you want to do, where you will be at some time in your future. If you know or have an idea of that you are set. Decision-making gets easier (no matter how complex the game) and turns being opportunities take on more significant.

Once you have a vision of where you're headed, you should never be bored again.

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