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Gender Inequality

According to Wiki, in the United States, the average woman earns about 80¢ to every dollar earned by the average man. 

Most of us, especially if you are female, get the feeling that there is something a little unfair about this. Yet, we know it happens. We read about it and we know it's not right.

Without getting into the fray about rights, wrongs, reasons and scholarly debates, let's experience what life would be if we all got paid for doing the same work. Words are nice but not as nearly effective as experiencing the actual feeling.

Play BUX.

Here everyone gets paid the same amount for doing the same "work". Once this is experienced, felt and understood especially in young people, anything other than fair compensation is experienced as an abnormality– at least something that should be looked at and questioned. Value and its development are just that. What difference does it really make who is doing it? And why should one gender automatically give up value to the other?

The playing field must be leveled not only because it is "nice to do", but markets will be more efficient and because of this, individual productivity should rise, economic growth should be more robust and everyone should be better off.

Equal pay for equal quality of work. First feel it. Then do it.

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