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Personal Gentrification?

We know 'gentrification' as the upvaluing of city neighborhoods. Regardless of one's point of view on this controversial subject, what if there was an individual version of gentrification– an upvaluing of the person, the individual? How could this be done and what could be its effects?

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The upvaluing of individuals is nothing new. We are all trying to do it in one way or another. Some are getting more education. Others are learning new skills. Some are developing their craft. Some are doing all of it while others are unsure of what to do. Whatever we're doing, we need to know, understand and feel in our gut, the meaning of value. That only comes from experience.

And old Chinese proverb said: "Tell me and I may forget. Show me and I may remember. But Involve me and I understand."

Of course, there are many ways to achieve this understanding. May we suggest a working process for self-upvaluing? It involves carrying out the following process:
   • Become a good BUX player (with a PEI of over 20).
   • Understand connections between yourself, the game and economics.
   • Discover yourself as an individual.
   • Choose a career based on your strengths.
   • Create a vision for your future based on your career choice.
   • Create a path for yourself, and
   • Follow it to your dream.
It's a visual, physical, personal process with structure and personal meanings for individuals.

The collective results of such a movement could have resonating effects throughout our culture. With growing confidence, self-esteem and hope, a collective attitude change could result in increased individual value-productive performance that could translate ultimately into individual (local, state and national) economic growth. 

Such a natural step-by-step process could help in leading to what we are calling personal gentrification– the systematic upgrading of ones own economic value.



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