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Where are we going?

Common sense says that while driving forward don't focus on the rear view mirror. As a country, where're we headed? Toward tomorrow or yesterday or no where? Clearly, it seems that time and most of the world are headed forward toward tomorrow. So, as a nation should we focus on where we've been?

Washington seems to be at a crossroads, unsure of which way to go. It appears that there are many forces at work, mainly in two opposing directions– those trying to satisfy the needs for tomorrow and those trying to hold on to and grow what they have. Of course this is an over-simplification, but what's possible in a few words?

Of the two forces some are backing one force while others are backing the other. And some are floating in space, aware only of their own personal struggle for survival. 

As individuals (with little resources) we have little or no effect on Washington. Most of them are busy looking out for themselves. But we do have some effect on ourselves. And since we are mostly interested in our own economies, jobs and the well-being of ourselves and our families, why not see what we can do for ourselves– if anything. Let's see what it would take to grow our own personal economies. Is this possible? And if so what could we do as individuals for ourselves?

We, here at BUX, think that it is not only possible but doable. If our objective is (personal) economic growth, we will have to increase our own personal economic value. Real economic growth is achieved through innovation– new ideas, new products, new ways of doing things. (Another reason why rear focusing is a bad idea.) You are no exception. To grow your own economy you'll have to become more innovative. Don't worry. It really isn't that hard once you know the rules of that game.

When playing BUX, you will get an idea of what you must do. It's about getting and using resources to increase your personal economic value. If you get into it, you'll automatically begin to think of ways to increase value. And the more you play against others, including some you don't know well, the more you will discover about what to do to increase your value.

This is a little hard to believe, isn't it? To continue to grow, you must try new and different things. Focus on where you want to go, what's in the windshield– if that's where you're headed.




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