BUX, your moneygame

A Brief Summary of the BUX Achievement Method

For Facilitators – Teachers – Concerned Parents – Mentors – Helpers – Well-wishers

    “Tell me and I may forget. Show me and I may remember. But involve me and I will understand.” Old Chinese proverb

    Since actions speak louder than words, why don't we involve young people to actively experience their own journeys to their own dreams? We can do this using minimum words, time and expense.

    Once they experience economic success, many may change their attitudes toward developing themselves and their productive behavior. (Anecdotal preliminary indications suggest that this is possible.)

    Here is a step-by-step summary of the proposed process:

    0. Learn and play the game yourself to some proficiency with your peers.
      Reason: You must thoroughly understand and be familiar with the game to instruct others to play.
    1. Play the game with- or have others (age eight and older) play the game to proficiency.
      Reason: Playing to proficiency ensures understanding and experiencing numerous, related complex issues.
    2. After they’ve played a number of games with a $IQ of say, 20, explore players’ feelings (after games).
      Reason: Their emotional memories associated with their moves and game situations speeds learning and retention.
    3. Make connections between the game’s and life’s concepts, components and moves.
      Reason: These connections will give meaning, reasons, structural understanding and confidence to their successful (economic) decision-making.
    4. Facilitate players to explore humankind, their needs, personalities, preferences, strengths…
      Reason: They must understand themselves, human similarities and what makes them different and uniquely valuable.
    5. Facilitate players to analyze their attributes and preferences and design a career for themselves.
      Reason: They must know how their being different can be positively developed to benefit them.
    6. With chosen careers as a general foundation, facilitate players to imagine a detailed future (vision) for themselves (if everything goes their way).
      Reason: Like anything else, it is a lot easier to accomplish something when that something is visually defined– even if currently uncertain and unsupported.
    7. With this chosen lifestyle vision in mind, facilitate players to lay out and structure a path for themselves.
      Reason: Paths to destinations must be researched, pro-actively actively sought (driven by vision), discovered and constructed.
    8. Discuss and visually demonstrate fundamental concepts such as resources, money, value, visual economic systems (macro-, micro-, personal-)…
      Reason: Some fundamental concepts, already experienced in the game, need to be clarified, visualized, made relevant and opened for future application.
    9. Explore resource categories and specific resources necessary for player’s optimum value development.
      Reason: Different players because of different career choices will need to focus on different sets of resources to optimize their value offerings.
    10. Present and demonstrate ways that individuals can get their value into the labor market (economy).
      Reason: One’s value and knowledge, if not applied is of little or no value to anyone.

    The current use of mostly-word, content-focused lecturing to stimulate performance can be problematic. Words, expressions, body language and inflection can send different messages to different people. And time and money are scarce. Actions and interactions around a common participative endeavor minimize these issues.

    This Method quickly captures individuals from highly diverse backgrounds, normalizes them and  subliminally does most of the heavy sociopsychoedueconomic lifting resulting in an array of possible benefits.

    It is expected that once the big picture is experienced and understood, and confidence from material success is felt, many will be on their way. As to who gets further along their path, it is impossible to tell. But, hopefully they will have discovered their productive economic-compasses and have the courage, the grit and the wisdom to confidently pursue their visions.