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A sociopsychoedueconomic challenge?

A what?

Right off, this is a game and can be played like a game. So, play to win. If interested, there's more.

You know we are now confronting a real array of serious challenges. We made up a name, sociopsychoedueconomic, to describe the nature of the beast before us. Obviously, that long word is a mashup of social-psychological-educational-economical issues all in different proportions, changing all the time. So, that 22-letter word is just a shorthanded way of referring to the complex challenge we face.

In our opinion, to try to overcome these challenges one at a time, independently, in view of their unpredictable interconnectedness could be an impossible assignment. Similarly, taking nature as the ultimate model, there are no straight lines or absolutely pure substances in nature. Any purity is a result of manned efforts. So, why treat problems differently? Conditions are naturally mixed. There are no purely one-dimensional real problems?

In seeking a solution, we looked at many sociopsychoedueconomic variables at the same time– including other issues and individual personalities as well and tried to understand the big picture. We concluded that a practical and effective solution to our complex problem array had to have a number of characteristics:
1. Appeal to a wide age group as young as ten years old.
2. Be age-culture-ethnic-race-social class-gender–income & lifestyle-family origin-intelligence-region-language neutral.
3. Be user-centric, uncomplicated and have a single point of view to serve as a common frame of reference.
4. Be entertaining, exciting and personal, and less didactic, rigid and controlled.
5. Be experienced from within to self-motivate and stimulate a bottom-up effort from within.
6. Be experiential to allow experimentation, economic and social interaction, learning, competition, introspection and a full range of emotions.

The result is a player-centric, economic game and multi-step process that satisfies the above criteria and more. Ideally the Process is designed to engage a ten year-old, excite, focus and motivate him or her understand the structure and workings of the material world and to perform within it to his/her ultimate.

The Process equips on for the sociopsychoedueconomic challenge– only if you're interested.