BUX, your moneygame

About us

BUX was invented by Sam Kjellman and Charles Phillips, both from the game industry.

Sam was a game designer/product developer for Parker Brothers and the company's internal Monopoly champion. He's now a product designer/stylist, product researcher/developer, "hobby economist" and CAD expert currently developing an active water purification system.

Charles, once called Parker Brothers' most conceptual "outside" inventor, is interested in pushing the limits of game application. He believes that psycho-social economic issues can be addressed through structured interactive experiences– otherwise known as games.

Together they believe that games, novels, movies and personal life have similar operating structures. So, if this is true, how could the synthesis of media result in more meaningful, face-to-face interaction, physical and mental stimulation and relevant learning?

This game is their latest effort to answer that question.