BUX, your moneygame

Hacking the future for young people?

At about ten years of age, as you know, most young people (1) begin to think about their material futures (2) and what it takes to get there(3). (This thinking is called Propriate Striving.) What's our response? "Study harder." "STEM" "Get more A's." Why? What's the direct connection in a young person's mind? "Why am I doing all this work?"

If we could quickly give them an experiential answer that made sense to them, do you think that many could, with our help, construct a step-by-step path to their chosen visions? And if this was possible do think it would help in reducing their (and our) anxieties and so-called learning difficulties?

Let's hack their futures and let them have fun experiencing their material futures– how they would earn money and handle resources. If they have difficulty making and having money, many may want to adjust their attitudes to their preparation now– i.e. school work plus... And if they are satisfied with their performance, they, may want to do better.

So far, informal tests have produced encouraging anecdotal proof of confirmation.

Our proposal: You are on the front line. Success would benefit you, students, parents, the school and us... This process needs proof of efficacy.
The deal:
(1) You buy a single game from us. You learn the game and play it with your peers. (You need to know it well. It will challenge you to win consistently.)
(2) If you see the merit in its multi-layered appeal and effects, we will work with you, within our capacities, with working documentation, to achieve increased performance from your students. You may need to order more games. For now, the working manuals are available without cost. This offer could end at any time.
(Once they are sparked, and you may be surprised who gets ignited, we will diminish in importance as strivers and facilitating entities continue to higher levels of increasing specialty.)

We hope you come on board and embark with us on what could be a most exciting, ground-breaking and rewarding journey. Let's be able to say that we hacked this thing.
Thank you.