BUX, your moneygame

The idea of the game

You're familiar with this game. It's the story of your economic life. Starting with the cards you're dealt, you're looking for opportunities, taking risks, bluffing, paying and trading for resources, creating value and hoping to exchange that value for money to achieve your dreams.

Chips are money. Cards are resources. Players are trying to get cards to make matching 3-card sets to sell for money. You're using your best practical economic skills to increase your earning ability ($IQ). The competition can get mean and too real. Win by having the most chips when the game crashes.

Knowing what to buy, how much to pay, how to bluff others into overpaying, what to trade for, what to protect, how to create value and when to sell makes you a winner. Others are trying to take your unprotected cards and pressure you into making mistakes. (Reality is not always polite.) Winners increase their $IQ– a performance number that stays with you from game to game.

Start with 3 face-up cards and 200 chips. All cards and chips remain on the table in plain sight.

On your turn, make any one of three moves:
    1. draw 3 cards and auction them off to the highest bidder, OR
    2. swap away an unprotected card from another player, OR
    3. cash in any number of matching 3-card sets for more chips. 

You're out-bidding, out-bluffing and out-thinking others to get the cards you need and prevent them from getting cards they need. You're swapping away others' unprotected cards to build your value and ruin theirs. Players are risking and pushing their moneygames to their limits.

Empower yourself. Boost your earning ability. Each game is an opportunity to improve your moneygame.

But, before you play, check the Rules to get the most from your abilities.

And, only if interested, check these possible benefits.