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A bottom-up, personal productivity challenge?

Picking oneself up by the bootstraps is a popular phrase. But, there is little on how to do it.

We believe that personal success is a process. Where it starts, what it's about and where it ends is different for everyone. There are countless biographies of successful people and theories for how and why they made it.

Our challenge now is: "...to present a series of challenges that when overcome will result in people adding economic value to their lives..."

To start, the complex challenge we face is broken down into a list of discrete sequential sub-challenges. (To attempt the complex challenge as a single entity is futile.) Each of these sub-challenges must be fully understood and overcome to be part of a coherent bottom-up effort participated in by aspiring individuals. They are:

1. Immersing everyone– all cultures, all ages– and starting on the same page with core understandings, at roughly the same sociopsychoedueconomic level.

2. Having individuals experience and understand how their economic performance affects their emotions, lifestyles and lives.

3. Having individuals experience and understand how their productive performances affect their families, communities and national economy.

4. Getting individuals to discover themselves, their personalities, traits, talents, preferences, skills– and to apply those attributes to new and different value-adding careers in new and unique ways. In other words, how to create valuable personal innovation based on personal abilities.

5. With newly discovered capabilities and possibilities, facilitating individuals to reconstruct an updated vision for their chosen futures.

6. With visions clear in their minds, facilitate individuals to construct a visual map, a detailed, step-by-step pathway to their chosen visions.

7. Conveying basic knowledge needed to build their particular, unique structure of value. In other words, quickly and efficiently giving the basic foundational knowledge within their specific context, to enable continuance toward their chosen visions.

8. Exposing and demonstrating all categories of resources and specifically how each resource can bring added value to their personal endeavor.

9. Demonstrating how each individual can package and use their developed value to enter the economy through various available channels.

These we speculate are in essence the challenges that must be overcome to simultaneously solve our econopsychosocioeducational mega-challenge. And that the sequential overcoming of these sub-challenges would suggest a personal productivity process. This backward-working or reverse engineering is how the process came about. So far, we have taught five experimental economics college courses and informally tested bits and pieces of the process with promising, anecdotal results.

We freely acknowledge that parts of these challenges have been overcome to some extent by many individuals, groups and entities. But to our knowledge no such process exists in as much detail, in as comprehensive, coherent and exhaustive a form as this proposed simultaneous solution for our domestic challenge array.

Skeptics, doubters and those who have given up naturally exist– and many with good reason. But there is a point where we must do something constructiveKnowledge has its limits, requiring imagination, invention and the hive mind– to work together in bottom-up, points of production groups collectively rewarding individual efforts for the value they are producing.

Hopefully the above challenges spark solutions for you. If we are pulling in the same direction, it will just be a matter of time before the pillars of stultifying tradition yield to progress.