BUX, your moneygame

BUX play variants / Quick-Game

Since the play parallels economic reality, there are versions that go into offshoots of the basic play. Each version/variant brings with it more complexity, rules and related insights. Currently, only the basic game is available.

BUX Quick-Game:
Quick-Games can be played by those with limited time. Normally a game takes between 45 and 75 minutes mostly depending on card sequence in the deck and speed of play. Quick-Games keep the general experience while reducing play time to 15 to 30 minutes.

Remove all Club and Oval cards from the deck– reducing the deck from 51 to 31 cards. Then play exactly as normal without the extra cards. (Keep the removed cards in a safe place for future use.) That's it.

Game Variants:

• Credit- Where players can borrow chips but must pay interest at the beginning of each turn with the full borrowed amount paid at games' end before adding up their score.
• Tax- Where players pay tax based on their cash and asset holdings at specified times throughout the game.
• The Official– Where Officials can be bought by players purchasing an Official token which gives them two moves in a row when required. Players are limited to having 3 Officials at any one time and Officials can be used to cancel out other Officials and so on.
• Inheritance– Where players start with uneven amounts (earned in a previous game or by some other arrangement).
• Social imbalance- Where certain players play by different rules and receive different benefits.
• Pollution– Where there are additional 3 Pollution cards in the deck which are drawn randomly and traded from player costing players who own them in the end.

The upshot of variants (or modules) is to convey to players a specific set of feelings best understood by experiencing.