BUX, your moneygame

BUX straight talk

This game is about using money and resources to get enough money and resources to satisfy you.

If you're into lucky-kid, light fun, this isn't your game. But if thinking, strategizing and honest interactive exchanges around money excite you, this is it.

BUX looks and feels and plays like gambling. But it requires deep, consistent, complex economic decision-making to raise one's earning index, PEI. Its rules are based purely on supply-demand economics. The realness and honesty of its play attracts all ages– some as low as six, although ten is the recommended minimum age. It's an opportunity for all to compete together in a fair, head-to-head economic marketplace.

The myth that games are played only for purposeless fun has long been expelled. With economic conditions as they are, it could be time to start a cultural conversation around personal individual productivity- what it is, what it means, how to develop it... And what better place to start than in the home and school? There are things government can't do from the top. And stimulating bottom-up economic performance is one of them. That's up to you and me. And this is where games come in.

Assuming that interactive learning is effective, there is no medium more interactive than games. Not books. Not movies. Not listening to experts. Not music. But games. Games played with others quickly give structure and meaning to one's thinking and feedback to actions. Experimentation gets instant results. Then if it works, try it again. And if continually successful, maybe a version of that move in everyday life is next.

We, in testing this game, have seen distracted young people, after playing a few games, suddenly discover themselves and surprise all with their real productive development. (Effects differ.)

So, we let's have fun while putting some meaning and structure in our productive lives. Once the link between material actions future lifestyle is experienced, we'll know exactly what to do.