BUX, your moneygame


BUX looks like gambling, plays like gambling, feels like gambling and has the excitement of gambling– but it's not gambling and does not directly involve real money.

Anyone can gamble on anything but BUX is based on good ole' practical, familiar, everyday, supply-demand economics.

Since economics involves unpredictable human reactions to natural randomness, the game situations are logically unpredictable. Money (chips) heightens emotions which further heightens unpredictable actions. And the card sequence in the deck further increases unpredictability. So, players immerse themselves in taking actions (risks) with their money and resources trying to anticipate outcomes of uncertain events. That's life– like gambling.

But unlike gambling, its realistic events, requires more focus and strategizing and gives players more control over their performance than gambling games.

So, even though it looks and plays and feels like, and has the excitement of gambling, it's not gambling. Just your normal cost-benefit decision-making in an uncertain economic world.