BUX, your moneygame

Introduction to BUX

Suddenly you're in a struggle for your economic life. It's your choice. Will you be a successful achiever, a middle-class performer or just get by? The answer is in how you play.

Here's your chance– fair, free-market competition that challenges your thinking and non-cognitive skills, related to success. If you're a little short on these economic skills, you'll automatically improve as you play.

"It's the best of all my favorite games," said Cami.

Early observations suggest that mastering this game relates to increased economic self-awareness, self-productivity and possibility of material success. And it seems to stimulate non-cognitive development and abilities in those as young as ten years of age. This needs to be proven or dis-proven.

See the idea of the game. Get it. Play it hard. And tell us about your experience.