BUX, your moneygame

Introduction to BUX

Have fun sharpening your moneygame. Get the experience of controlling your own economic future. You're using your best money-handling abilities to make more money– against real economic forces. So, how successful can you be? The answer is in how you play this game.

You're in fair, free-market competition that challenges your thinking and performance. If you're short on economic skills, you'll improve.

"It's the best of all my favorite games," says journalist, Cami J.
"What kind of a game is this that has my six-year old asking me financial strategy questions that I can't answer?" Asked mother, Kate D.
"What game is that that has [that boy] interested for hours?" Asked a teacher. "He can't sit still for 5 minutes in my class."
"...poker on steroids..." professor of game theory wishing to remain anonymous...

Early observations suggest that mastering this game relates to increased economic self-awareness, self-productivity and an increased possibility of material success. Appealing to those as young as ten, play requires full attention and best strategies to be a consistent winner.

See the idea of the gamePlay it hard. Discover your abilities. FYI: See its application to life.