BUX, your moneygame

Learning without words?

Words. We can't communicate without them. They appeal to the mind, the heart and the soul. But, what about the old proverb, "Experience is the best teacher"?

After 24 hours in a flight simulator a training pilot is qualified, with supervision, to fly a commercial jet airplane. How long would it have taken to prepare a pilot using only words– spoken and written to do that? Years? And even then would that pilot be actually prepared?

Words also carry with them meanings, feelings, messages, expressions, beliefs, intonations, body language... all of which can send conflicting, confusing signals. Actions however ("Actions speak louder than words"), send quicker, more direct and unambiguous signals.

So, combining experience and actions could yield interactive experiences which could be the definition of games. Does this suggest that (certain) games could be effective, efficient and engaging teaching tools?

Put another way. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. If an experience (like a vacation) is worth a thousand pictures in National Geographic, travel brochures and a travel videos, one could suggest that an experience is worth a million words.

In today's light-speed world of distractions and other issues, is it time to consider using, in addition to traditional teaching methods, special games for enlightenment and insight? We are hoping that this game, our "personal economic productive simulator", when appropriately used, can do in days what once took years– if ever to accomplish.

Is it possible that today's younger, fun-loving, light-speed population would appreciate understanding the complexities of their material (economic) lives without formal, word-intensive, top-down teaching processes?