BUX, your moneygame

Making money

Money is not important– unless you want or need it. Then money is important. If having money is important to you, it may be helpful to know how to earn it.

Generally, one earns money for the value they exchange for it. (Of course Aunt Katie could give you a high-paying job in her company but that's not earning.) And generally, the amount you earn depends on the level of value you supply. So, little value to exchange, little money. And high value, more money.

Your ability to earn money depends on you developing value from resources– or your moneygame

Earning money takes certain understandings, skills and actions. It is a process. Once you experience how it works and what it takes, you too will know what actions to take. Being the best at what you do, if others need or want it, will determine the level of your reward.

The BUX experience automatically gives the understandings you need and the actions to take. The higher your $IQ, the more you understand. 

Knowledge and skills are your abilities. If these abilities are natural and "easy" for you, you will still have to work to be the best, but you have a head start. Then, if you like what you are doing, that's great because you will have to spend a lot of time practicing and refining it to be the best. So, if you like what you're doing, it will be like playing. And nothing beats being paid to play!

So, play for fun– or if interested, go here to find out what else being a good player could mean. Or here if you're trying to help a (young) person help themselves.