BUX, your moneygame

Making money (playing into real money)

Making or earning money is an activity that many would like to master. Just wanting money isn't enough. To a great degree, one's ability to earn money depends on one's moneygame– his or her ability to handle and bring value to resources. 

Earning money, not winning or having it given to you, takes certain understandings, skills and actions. It is a process. Once you experience how it works and what it takes, you too will know what actions to take in life. Your performance at being the best at those actions will determine the level of your reward.

The experience from being good at BUX will automatically give you a good idea of the understandings you need and the actions to take to earn money. And the better you play, the more you will understand and the more you will earn in the game.

The understanding is that you must be really good at doing or making something that others need or want– and will be willing to pay you for. That's the main understanding. The skills are your abilities. If these abilities are natural and "easy" for you, you will still have to work to be the best, but you have a head start. Then, if you like what you are doing, that's great because you will have to spend a lot of time practicing and refining it to be the best. So, if you like what you're doing, it will be like playing. And nothing beats being paid to play!

So, play BUX to find out how to use resources to build value. Discover yourself, your strengths, choose a vision of yourself for the future and get going, getting resources and building value in the real world at what you're best at and love doing.

That's setting yourself up for playing into real money.