BUX, your moneygame

Original Copy of Introduction to BUX

Imagine being great at what you like doing. That's called, getting the most out of life- and this is that game. The better you play, the better you feel and the more money you earn. (No fakey roll-the-dice-and-hope-for-the-best stuff.)

Earning money is about producing and selling value. You can waste time, money and listen to millions of words. Or you can master this game. That's your first move. The choice is yours. 

Feel what it’s like to earn real money. Sure! It’s a game and you’re playing for chips, but other than that, it’s the real deal.

Starting with chips/money and cards/resources, use your wits and smarts to buy, trade and sell resources to make money. Most money at the crash, wins. That’s it.

Money alone cannot make more money. You must buy, trade and put together resources in valuable ways, to increase your economic value. Then sell that value at the right time to make more money. That's how money is made.

How you use resources to increase your value is what we call your moneygame.

BUX is this game.

  • "It's the best of all my favorite games," says journalist, Cami J.
  • "What kind of a game is this that has my six-year old asking me financial strategy questions that I can't answer?" Asked mother, Kate D.
  • "What game is that that has [that boy] interested for hours?" Asked a teacher. "He can't sit still for 5 minutes in my class."
  • "...poker on steroids..." professor of game theory at leading mid-western university wishing to remain anonymous...

See the idea of the game. Like a hot supercar. Push it hard for the most excitement. It will push back!

Only if interested, see possible applications to life.