BUX, your moneygame

As a tool for other possible uses

In addition to entertainment, BUX may have other features and uses. Some are:
• as a tool for experiential/observational learning, to augment conventional methods,
• as a tool to experientially demonstrate personal individual productivity,
• as a tool to build psychological integrity, confidence, grit and self-esteem,
• as a tool for socioeconomic leveling. Playing on the same level with the same rules.
• as a tool for experiential economic self-awareness and affect,
• as a tool to begin a process of structuring one's productive life,
• as a tool for triggering relevant conversations around personal productivity,
• as a tool to enable interpersonal communication between diverse cultures, groups...
• as a tool to demonstrate ones' (undiscovered) personal value development abilities,
• as a tool to demonstrate the importance of knowledge as a necessary resource,
• as a tool of focus for social groups, special interest groups or networks of groups...

A working Facilitator Manual is being prepared to help with some of these uses.