BUX, your moneygame

$IQ - your Money-IQ

Your "money-IQ" is an indication of your ability to handle money and resources to make more money to get more resources. Most of us know how to spend money. But, making it? Not so much. That's why all first-time players start with a $IQ of 10 and work up. (Some are over 200.)

Your $IQ indicates how well you handle money and resources in competition over time. (Always use a score sheet.) To increase your $IQ, you must outperform others over many games.

Those with higher $IQs generally have more skill and win more games. And generally, the more you play, and come in first or second the more your $IQ increases. This number stays with you regardless of who, when and where you play.

Starting with 10, at the end of everyone's first-ever 4-player game, the winner with the most chips gets +2 pts. added to his/her $IQ equaling a total of 12 pts. (10 + 2). The second-place finisher gets 1 pt. added, the third player gets 0 and the last place finisher gets -1, a point taken away from his/her $IQ. (Check out the Score sheet.)

So at the end of the first game, the winner has a $IQ of 12, the second-place finisher has 11, the third-place finisher remains at 10 and the last player has 9 having lost a point. Players' $IQs cannot go below zero. If a player with a $IQ of zero loses, his/her $IQ stays at zero. All 4-player games must be scored for $IQ.

So, see how your $IQ stacks up against others in your group.

[Research is needed to show, or not show a relationship between this number and general success– however success is defined.]