BUX, your moneygame

Possible benefits

Benefits? Cellphones have many uses. Games can too– and technology isn't always electronic.

If you're looking for more, consider the following:

Fun- Excitement, funny goofs, laughter, suspense, drama, surprise, feeling good...
Challenge- Continuous economic decision-making about value and productivity...
Social interaction
- Everyone has ideas about money. So, anyone can play anyone.
Personal-economic understanding and awareness- A natural consequence of playing.
Understanding self and others -
More play means more understanding of self and others...
Non-cognitive development- Grit, self-control, creativity, focus, communication, confidence...
Productive experience-
Safe, hands-on experiences doing what one needs to experience to do.
Discovery- Economic value, productiveness and the way the economic world works...
Mental processing- Mental process (schema) development helps structuring and understanding...
Psychological- Success builds independence, confidence, self-esteem and more success...
Education- A's in school aren't everything. There's so much more to life than just A's.
Knowledge- Concepts are better understood when the abstract becomes touchable reality.
Experience, observation, experimentation and play are natural teachers.
Imagination- Mental flexibility is required for competence.
Words have more meaning when experienced in personal context.
Hope- Once success is experienced, what was once out of reach becomes possible.
Conversation starter-
Competitive, exciting market activity stimulates relevant dialog.
As a tool- to accomplish an array of results.

If you see more benefits, submit them. Please comment on the above claims.