BUX, your moneygame

SPEED, the process

Today's mega-complex challenge arrays are not as simple the one-dimensional challenges of the past. It used to be, "Get the smartest people in the room and we'll solve it." Can't do that anymore. Too many complexities, variations, influences and egos to deal with.

What used to be sociological, psychological, educational and economic challenges have now all become one complex challenge array, all confronting us at once. Solving one at a time, especially by factions working independently is no longer feasible. Have you ever heard an orchestra warming up without a score or a conductor? We need those experts playing together with a score and a conductor.

SPEED (SocioPsychoEduEconomic Development) is a single, user-centric process that goes a long way to simultaneously solving our current problem-array quickly, practically, inexpensively and entertainingly from the bottom up. Participated in by those as young as ten, the process uses this game, BUX, to introduce (young) people to their productive material lives. Once experiencing what it takes to be productive and earn money, they understand the structure and what is required to be a success with any interest they have. In other words, the better they play the game, the better their chances of achieving their dreams.

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