BUX, your moneygame

the BUX bottom-up process

By now, everyone knows about our current economic conditions– a kind of economic shrinking-pie musical chairs. On this site, you've seen many references to a process for boosting individual economic performance. So, in essence, here is a brief summary of the so-called BUX bottom-up process– a possible alternative to the shrinking-pie metaphor. An economy grows best when all are producing their optimum economic value.

The following table shows the fundamental sequence of the 10-step working process.

#  Action How Reason
1. Play BUX to win Learn the rules, play Experience preparation
2. Explore feelings in game Probing for reactions Link feelings to actions
3. Connect game to life Drawing game-life parallels To deepen personal learning
4. Player self-discovery Survey- response probing Data gathering on self
5. Player data synthesis Spec. methods/technology Career vectoring
6. Develop vision for future By various techniques For targeting of efforts
7. Construct path to future By various techniques Detailed step-by-step path to vision
8. 7 concepts to understand Facilitator presentation For knowledge foundation
9. Exploration of resources Facilitator presentation Optimizing specific resources/talents
10. Getting into the economy Facilitator preparation Value use must be targeted


The above are actions, how-tos and reasons for ten main challenges of this process– between where you are now and where you could be in a more prosperous and fulfilling material world.

The take-away from all this is that one must become more economically valuable to have more to offer to be paid more. (Increased income without a change in value production increases inflation.)

Innovation that increases value grows economies. These are usually bottom-up, not top-down-driven phenomena. So if it's bottom-up, it's us performing together in a coherent constructive way to get the job done.

Does this make sense?

Mastering this game could start the process for you.