BUX, your moneygame

The BUX player

Hey! Is your $IQ over 30? If so, you understand the game or are playing with a bunch of chumps– er, nice people who don't understand as much as you do about the game.

So, if you're a good player, you more than likely have what it takes to make real money– if that is your aim. It's a 1-2-3... process that you can see quickly. Check this out.

1. Play the game. Be a star. You understand money and what it takes.
2. Understand and get into how you feel while you're playing– happiness, pride, sadness, disappointment...
3. Understand the connections between the game and the real material (economic) world.
4. Go here. Take a personality test. Discover yourself. Find out what those like you are like and what careers they are best suited for. Choose one or similar ones you prefer. Pick a user to approach (if possible).
5. Imagine and develop in your mind, a lifestyle around that career. The more details the better. (This will be your target objective and action motivator.)
6. See and fill in the structure of your life's story.
7. Clarify and fill in the steps along the way to your imagined future objective.
8. Quickly see what you need to know to be the best in what you have chosen.
9. Discover resources necessary for you to be your creative best. Synergize those resources into a high-value product or service.
10. Package yourself and present your value to the user targeted in #5.

That's it with more details, of course. But you understand the game and now you know the Process. Let your moneygame guide you as you play out the process.