BUX, your moneygame

the Game Experience

It's about the how, what, where, when and why of earning money. You're living in an economic world, making economic decisions, acquiring and putting resources together in the most valuable ways, playing against others for money.

Chips are money. You start with a few cards (resources) trying to get more cards to make matching sets (valuable products). But, due to scarcity, others are trying to do the same. When the opportunity comes, you try to sell the sets you've made for as much as you can.

That's the basic game. You're making tough economic decisions– taking risks, bluffing others to overpay, trading for resources while protecting your own, getting cards to build value, selling others on ideas that will help you, buying at lowest prices and selling at highest.

You're doing what you would normally do in life to make more money. Sometimes you get tricked. Sometimes you bluff others. Sometimes you get lucky. Sometimes luck goes the other way. You'll be happy. You'll be hopeful. You'll be excited, disappointed, greedy, jealous, envious, regretful, gracious, confused, successful, proud... You'll plan moves long in advance only to see the game take a turn against you.

When cards are drawn, they are immediately put up for bid. They are opportunities for all. Players think about each card and what they're worth to them and other players. Then in the wild auction that follows, players are bidding to get cards and prevent others from getting them. These are often hard decisions that force players to- and beyond their spending limits. It can get crazy. But it's all fun.