BUX, your moneygame

Welcome Researchers

We need solutions more than ever. Your research will help clarify our way forward.

If you are thinking about new experiment designs and instruments, this tool/game/instrument may be of interest for the following reasons:

1. It allows quick observation under fairly realistic competitive market conditions.
2. It allows simultaneous, multidimensional data gathering (i.e., psychological, behavioral, economic, socioeconomic, gender, age, cultural...).
3. It allows simultaneous monitoring (video, fMRI, multiple observation, timeline, emotional and physiological sensors..., actions, situations...).
4. It allows multidimensional data analysis of simultaneously occurring variables*.
5. It allows the same sequence of cards (i.e., economic opportunities) to be played by different players at different times for different outcomes.
6. It allows direct comparison of same/diverse subjects in competitive economic situations.
7. It allows insight into the productive economic behavior of a diverse sample of the population from age 6-7 across all segments, across all variables*.
8. It allows insight into economic decision-making while considering the full spectrum of emotions from pleasure, surprise and regret to anger, revenge, envy and greed... This could help better understand the distortions to what was once thought to be rational decision-making.
9. It allows rapid insight into cognitive/non-cognitive performance. (Career employment applications?)
10. Its variations allow for data gathering under lab-induced, distorted economic conditions.

This product allows rapid, real-time, action data from a broad range of subjects under common competitive economic conditions. Possibly teams of researchers, each conducting different experiments, could collaborate in a single experiment while contributing to the total cost. Multidimensional segmentation (with psychological factors and time-synced situations) are possible giving insights and benefiting all stakeholders.

In addition to classical socio-psych-economic interaction, hypotheticals can now be included your design. Also, possibly, new, simultaneous multidimensional, multidisciplinary data gathering (using a range of scales) may result in breakthroughs and give insights never before achievable.

We hope that this instrument will be a part of your new and exciting developments.


* Whatever the research design, it is now possible because of breakthroughs with multi-mode data gathering and analysis to use smaller samples to obtain almost instant insights with minimum, if any, human interpretation.

Imagine 1,000 subjects, each with 200 independent ordinal, scalar and vector variables being analyzed and clustered in a multidimensional space in groupings, each group with unique sizes, shapes, locations, densities and proximities. Visual observation of this space from numerous angles gives insights previously unimaginable. 

This technology, while proprietary, is available. Please contact us if you have a specific requirement.